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We will fight for Jay's new stage and be his pair of wings. :)

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Jay 2010 Birthday Project Part 1 - Voices for Jay
Jay 2010 Birthday Project Part 2 - Jay's Birthday Party @ Seoul Garden
Jay 2010 Birthday Project Part 3 - Jay's Birthday Presents

Park Jae Beom is love.

"We're not seven members, we're ONE."
- Wooyoung

"Let's walk together."
- Chansung

"...In the wind, the fall came.
The scent of fall that suddenly came reminds me the memories.
The high blue sky is so pureI m getting tears whenever I see.
In the fall of 2009, even the sky makes me cry"
- Junsu

"The first song we practiced together..
We felt nervous and excited..
I always pray.
That it won't be such a hard journey..
I believe you will get stronger
because you're my brother."
- 2AM Jo Kwon

"My heart is hurting very much
My heart feels like its being torn apart because he is a dongseng that I love
Because I believe and love my dongseng I believe that he will return with a better appearance
Today my heart is hurting very much
Jaebeom, hyung will work harder so that when you return I can protect and hug you with a warmer embrace
Please return healthy
I love you....."
- Boom

Comments in Youtube from Jay's friend -Chico.

"Like i said on the other videos everything my homie Jay said was 5 years ago. when he moved out there it was a different experience and he was just homesick. it was purely being an ignorant 18 year old in which he has already apologized. of course he loves korea, he loves his fans country and gained a whole new appreciation for the culture. Jay was telling me yesterday that the only thing saving his career right now are his fans. show some support and cut the dude a break hes only human "
- Chico

"thank the world for people like you. to be honest im not a kpop fan at all. im just really good friends with jay hes like a brother and to see something like this happen to him just really hurts to see. people need to understand he was young, naive and out of his element. he knew very little about the culture and environment.
hes out here seattle w/friends and fam and hes thankful for all his fans doing this for him. he said himself the people who will save his career are his fans. "
- Chico

JYP official statement on 10/09/09 -
Jay's friend's testimonial - (fellow high schmates) (Korean friend) (States friend)

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

BTS of imafighterforjaypark

When the media reported the Myspace incident and even after Jay apologized,
I thought it was nothing, and believe soon this storm will end.

When the antis sign petition against Jay and even want him to commit suicide,
I thought this is too ridiculous, and I sense something bad is going to happen, but I strongly believe JYP is a wise man that he'll never let this talented dude leave the group just like that.

On 8th September 2009,
I woke up and saw some Twitter messages saying:
"Jay is already on the plane now, we wish him all the best."
I was totally stoned, and then I cried like no other, while updating what's going on.

On 9th September 2009,
I cried, again and again, non-stop the whole day, and my fever is not helping either.
Everything seems tasteless to me, and it's like a long day to me.
I think and think, it doesn't make sense to me, all these happened to fast. And I got a bad feeling about this, every time I thought that I'll never see Jay on stage again, my tears start rolling down again.

But I told myself, never stop fighting, something need to be done to bring back Jay. As my internet connection is suck at my area, I couldn't even got into 2PM forums and update myself about the news, and so I emailed some international forums ask whether I can help, and about K-Hottest project and stuff, but, I was being ignored.

And I'm frustrated and helpless. I really wish I'm at Korea at that moment.

On 10th September,
Again, I cried like shit and my eyes are swollen that I can't even go out and meet anyone.

My sixth sense told me that all these really don't make sense to me! This speedy leaving is ridiculous. I thought, how could one newcomer decide by his own, leaving the group just like that. I strongly believed that the company staff and the boss has the power to stop him, IF they want to. With Jay status at the company, it's really impossible for him to make big decision like this. And then, I thought again, maybe the company wants him to leave, WHO KNOWS? If I'm some money-maker company, I would also sacrifice ONE to save ALL.

But then again, I'm exhausted. By reading all the articles, fan's messages and videos, I tried to convince myself that I shall respect the so called 'Jay's decision', and I even told myself, "Let it go, just let it go. It's over already." After all, this decision is made for the sake of 2PM, he already sacrificed, and i shall respect Jay's sacrifice.

Moreover after reading JYP's letter. I was so moved by the letter and I start to cry again, and this time was the worst, I cried like I've just lost someone so important, even though, I never met this guy before. I almost lost hope on bringing Jay back, and I really scared that there is this one day that everyone, forget about this whole incident, and Jay might be forgotten. Of course I love 2PM and want them to moved on, but, Jay is the one who bring me to 2PM.. so, 7-1=0.

I'm really tired that time that I fall to sleep crying under my blanket.

On 11th September 2009,
I really don't feel like wake up, because I'm too afraid to turn on my computer, because I know I'll update myself about Jay and 2PM again. But dang, life still goes on, I woke up after lying on bed like a corpse for the whole day, and as expected, I turn on the screen.

After I read some messages posted on some websites by the so-called Jay's friend - Chico, saying: "Jay was telling me yesterday that the only thing saving his career right now are his fans."

At this moment, I stopped crying.

I decided to stand up, stand strong, because Jay need us, need our strong determination to bring him back I told myself.

Something critical need to be done, it's no use we are crying and leaving messages telling we want him back, we want him back, BUT nothing has been done, and soon after, he will be forgotten and replaced. We need to start doing something, IF WE WANT HIM BACK!

And even God is helping me, I found one of the K Hottest contact and mailed her, and now I'm here typing this to everyone out there who love Jay Park, who want him back so badly, who has been crying for days after he left us...


As far as i know, most International Hottests does not support K-Hottests boycott JYPE, even though they understand why K-Hottests are doing so, but in order not to hurt the 2PM boys any further, they don't encourage a boycott.

We too, do not want to hurt the boys, but if we continue to wait and wait and wait, and do not do something critical, the company will just ignore us, and the possibility of Jay returning is even lower. So, imafighterforjaypark will not sit back instead, stepping out and fight for Jay! :)

So, to all the Hottests who think nothing can be done, we shall respect Jay's decision, and yes, I understand people who said Jay sacrifice for the sake of 2PM and think don't boycott JYP cos it will be a burden to Jay, and alright fine, you might not understand K-Hottest for boycotting...

I say, whether it is Jay's decision or the company decision, we DO NOT KNOW THE REAL TRUTH.

Even though we are not Koreans Hottests, and what we can do is so LITTLE, we will still try our very best to fight for Jay Park!

So now, who's with us? =)

16 fighters shoutout:

M.K. said...

7=1 Foreverrrrr^^
Jae keep ur head up!!

Anonymous said...

i love jay..
and i suppport him all the way..
im not into this boycott thingy..
but it seems like i can see the point why khottest
were doing this..i just hope it will have a good
outcome.. i know the 6 other members were having hard time coz of this.. but if it will make them complete as 2PM like b4..i kind of support it.. not totally since i know its way risky for our boys.. this is one2pmlove friend :)

imafighterforjaypark said...

my dear,
just some opinions here, which i will also post it together with another K-Hottests statement later.

As what we say, we don't think by boycotting is something risky and harmful to the boys, as for now, JYPE's only powerful weapon is 2PM, he won't disband the whole group. This boycotting will only affect their decisions whether to bring back Jay or not.

So, why we are mainly supporting this project not because we are blindly supporting Jay, but we think this movement will bring back Jay to 2PM!


Anonymous said...

i totally understand how you feel!! i cried and cried for days and didn't even get much sleep!! (i only slept for about 2-3 hours)
please tell me if you need any help...
i have your back all the way..
let's bring back park jaebeom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

btw, i heard that jay left the group to save the other members.. he was scared that the group will have to disband, so he decides to leave in order to save the other boys' career...

but there can never be 2pm without park jaebeom!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm one of the K Hottest. I feel so grateful that you understand why we are doing this. If you need any help contact me at I'll do anything I could to help you. 7-1=0 2PM-HOTTEST=0

CY said...

Hi I'm K-Hottest living Malaysia.
I'm the manager of Malaysia in K-Hottest union cafe.
I'm gathering "petition" letter for Jay from
ppl in Malaysia and resending it to JYP centre.

Plz let Malaysian fans to know that I'm doing this and whoever interested plz contact me.

Anonymous said...

although I am not a Hottest...I do support Jay. I love his performance on stage + his funny actions in Wild Bunny.

Fighting everyone, let's get Jay back on stage!!

Ali - support from Hong Kong

Anonymous said...


J-coffee said...

D: omgg... i cry every time i watch his interviews .. its too sad!!!
2pm will never be the same!!! without jay

I just finished watching their last performance T_T" i cnt believe it!! I wish I was in seattle right now, although i wouldn't know what to do...BUT Jay must come back

I support Jay from Australia~~~

Fightinng Jaebummm !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss Jay...
what r u doing now Jay...
Do u know that we are waiting for you to come back??
Did u see what K-Hottest has been done for you?
We are all waiting for you...

Support from Hong Kong

Para_kiss said...

I'm with you all the way..
we hve to bring our beloved leadja back..
2PM won't be the same without him..

Anonymous said...

I'm with you now~
Jay needs us and we must fight for him!
We must fight for the 1:59PM boys as well^^

Anonymous said...

yeah, lets fight for the sake of Jae and 2pm!
everybody knows
that without jae won't be complete
he's the one and only leader!
so jae, plz come back!!

linh - support from Germany

Anonymous said...

2PM is one,as his fellow member said..
It's sad that this happened,I can imagine the hurt he felt.I really hope he will come back.
For himself,for fellow members,for fans,for his family. I think they could look through his fingers,he just came and probably felt like he don't belong there,anyone in THE WORLD would feel the same ,if they came all alone in completely new enviroment with complete strangers .
This was cruel to do ,not only to Jay,but to all who love 2pm not only as a band,but as people,they are like brothers..Imagine how they feel now.
Think about it.
Jay .. fight ;)

SohnSungJae said...

JAEBEOM, COME BACK!!! WE ALL MISS YOU AND I THINK I MISS YOU MORE THAN I HAVE MISSED ANYONE!!! I started listening to 2PM the past summer and watched sooo many korean show videos with Jay in it. Jay, like all of us is human, and people do some dumb stuff now and then. But THE PAST IS PAST! WHAT WE ALL WANT IS FOR JAYBEOM TO GO BACK FROM MAKING THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF LEAVING HIS DREAM. Without you, 2PM really is 1:59...Time is frozen waiting for you Jay!!! Can you see how many people care and support you Jay?! Only you can make us smile again...please come back. Be strong, for us, for 2PM, JYP, and yourself.

Minnie said...

most of International Hottest are against this BECAUSE they don't know how heartless JYP is. They actually trust what JYP says. I know it'll hurt 6PM but in the long run, 7PM=2PM. That's more valuable and it's like going back to normal.
It's not only this time that JYP had this kind of issue with groups that he produced before. If you look into whole history of k-pop with JYP, you'll understand why K-Hottest are boycotting this strongly.
WE REALLY need to convince EVERYBODY to boycott together otherwise JAY baby will NOT come back. JYP says he'll help Jay coming back. help. my ass.
Jay actually wants to come back but it's JYP preventing him.
So please please, all the international Hottest or anyone you know please convince them to join us in boycotting!
It's very imperative that we do this ALL together not just people in S.Korea!

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